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I have heard another good way of testing if you need your pro or epilogue is to rename them to chapter to 1 and chapter xx give one copy with the extra chapters to one set of beta readers and one without (leaving the prologue and epilogue out as well) to another set. If the ones without said something was missing then you have your answer. Most the time that I have seen one or the other even in published works, they mostly felt like fluff, that didn’t need to be there, or they could have been handled as part of the story proper. This is mostly true with prologues. Epilogues on the other hand can be nice, just to give you a window in to what happened after the story was over. Take the semi fictionalized movie The Widow Maker. I was nice to see them standing at the grave discussing how the government had treated them when they got home.

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I’ve heard nothing but positive comments about Ancillary Justice, but I only made it 3 chapters in before I was bored. Might try it again later, but I just couldn’t get into it.

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性格には乱暴な一面もあり、こだわりのワンピースより、ズボンの方が気楽だと思いますが、一応女の子として、ワンピースに恋しくする時期もあります。エルメス バーキン スーパーコピー

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